How to Play Better Golf and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

Attention Golfers … Learn How to PLAY BETTER GOLF
and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

If your goal is to STOP embarrassing yourself on the golf course… lower your golf scores… and finally BREAK 80… this may be the MOST IMPORTANT material you’ll ever read.

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Now, Imagine That You Can Simply and Easily…

  • Drop six or more strokes off your scores in just a few weeks…
  • Gain 100% more skill and confidence… and…
  • Have a lot more fun playing?

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Podcast: The One Plane Swing

Podcast: The One Plane Swing

Golf is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

Golf and Wellness

For as long as golf has been played, the game has meant different things to different golfers. While a professional might brood about a round requiring 75 shots, an everyday hacker might take great delight in shooting an 18-hole score of 95.

Why the difference? It’s all about the mental approach. Golf is, superficially, a physical sport – there’s as much as seven miles of walking involved in playing 18 holes, plus the highly tuned action of swinging a club with a sound technique – yet the long-held viewpoint on the game is it is only 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. The best professional golfers in the world are all capable of executing the wide array of shots necessary to compete at the highest level; what separates them lies in the six inches between their ears.1 [Read more…]

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Attention Golfers … Learn How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

If your #1 goal is to lower your golf scores… stop struggling on the golf course… shave off strokes from your scores… or… finally break 80… this may be the most important information you’ll ever read.

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Now, imagine that you can simply and easily…

  • Drop six or more strokes off your scores in just a few weeks…
  • Gain 100% more skill and confidence… and…
  • Have a lot more fun playing?

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How the Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Technology and sports have always had a close relationship. This started through the screening of live sports on television and has expanded over the years to many different mediums. The latest development to hit the golf course is the introduction of virtual reality. In February 2017 the PGA Tour gave its fans the opportunity to experience one of the world’s most famous holes, the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, using virtual reality (VR). The official site informs that the videos are shown on Samsung Gear VR and are powered by Oculus.

Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Fans were able to try four VR videos. The first two allowed the fans to experience one-on-one practice sessions with PGA tour players Patrick Rodgers and Peter Mainnati. The third video gave golf fans the chance to be on the 16th hole with Rickie Fowler while the fourth was a behind-the scenes look at the PGA Tour Live broadcast. The aim of the VR experience is to give fans an immersive PGA experience from their living room while also giving them some pointers to help them improve their own game. It is a chance to feel what it is like to be next to some of the world’s best golfers as they play.

Talk Android reports that the videos were produced by IM360, a company known for 360-degree video capture. Rich Flier, IM360’s spokesperson said, “It was a thrill and an honor to deliver a one-one-a-kind VR experience featuring the world’s top golf pros.” The PGA hopes to expand the VR experience to other courses in the future.

Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Virtual reality at golf tournaments is just a continuation of creating a better fan experience. Bringing the golf experience into a fan’s home is nothing new and has proven to be popular among players. For example, TruGolf is a professional golf simulator that allows players to hit actual balls at a screen and have the ball continue in a virtual world. The official site states that many golf pros have found these simulations both useful and time efficient compared to practicing on a course.

Recreational golf fans have also been able to indulge in their love of the sport through golf games on the Wii and other platforms. Games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour is considered to be one of the major reasons for the Wii’s success as it is the closest people who had never played golf could get to playing. Slingo a digital site renowned for classic casino games has also been combining sport and technology through titles such as Centre Court which allows sports fans to use their knowledge of the sport on a different platform. Like the VR at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, fans get to experience the sport from the comfort of their own homes and is a major reason as to why the aforementioned Slingo title has become such a big hit with tennis fans.

VR in golf is taking steps to become a fully immersive experience. In the next few years fans may be able to view live games through a VR headset and get data not available to fans watching on television. For golf fans this presents an exciting opportunity to learn about the game from the best players in the world without leaving the comfort of their own home.

What is the One Plane Swing

The one plane golf swing is not new. Recreational golfers have been using it successfully for decades.

The One Plane Swing is an Easier, Quicker, More Accurate and Repeatable Swing Than the Traditional Swing

Zach Johnson - One Plane Swing

Tour players known for who use the one plane swing or a flatter swing much like the one plane swing include…

  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Matt Kuchar
  • Zach Johnson
  • Jason Dufner
  • Lee Westwood
  • Ricky Fowler
  • Carl Pettersson
  • Tom Pernice
  • Ben Hogan
  • Moe Norman

Today, the one plane swing is finally getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, it’s growing in popularity because it’s a swing that’s more repeatable, requires less practice, is easier on the back, and you will find yourself making more consistent shots with fewer hooks and slices.

The one plane swing…

Matt Kuchar - One Plane Swing

  • Produces more consistent ball striking
  • Helps to eliminate bad shots… which leads to lower scores
  • Requires less body rotation… which means it’s easier on your back, shoulders, knees…
  • Is a simpler swing that gives players who might think it’s too frustrating or hard the incentive to give golf another chance

How you can expect to benefit…

  • For high handicappers, the one plane swing is probably the quickest way to lower your score.

This is because with the one plane swing, you’re far more likely to hit the ball straight almost every time you address it

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate those bad shots that keep you from scoring well.

You’ll spend less time on the driving range working on your swing and more time on your short game where 60% of scoring actually occurs.

  • Busy people with not a lot of free time can enjoy a fun, respectable and rewarding round of golf without the need for constant practice.
  • You’ll feel the power and efficiency of the swing immediately with the drills and adjustments in your swing I recommend for you.

With more consistent ball striking and an improved short game using the recommended practice techniques, you’ll improve your scores in a very short time.

  • The one plane swing requires less body twisting, so it puts less stress on your body.

You can play more and with less discomfort… which enables you to play the game you love.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… Once you learn the one plane swing, you’ll experience a whole lot less frustration… the game will get a lot easier for you… and you’ll start having a lot more fun on the golf course!

3 Golf Lessons for $150

3 Golf Lessons for $150

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Celebrating Opening of Golf Season!

The golf season has finally arrived and just about everyone I meet on the golf course tells me how anxious they are to tighten up their game. Yep… the golf bug has definitely bitten!

Maybe you want to gain more distance… fix that slice… or just play better golf so you can get your scores down. Whatever it is, I’d like to help you make it happen.

So, to get you off to a good start, you can get 3 golf lessons for $150 during the month of March!

That’s a huge savings of $55 off the regular price.

3-Golf lesson package includes…

  • Three 90-minute lessons
  • Before and after video with each lesson
  • Lesson book in print
  • Drills and techniques to practice on your own
  • Open-ended coaching

This sale is going on now, so if you’re ready to get your game tuned-up, reserve your spot today.

Is the One Plane Golf Swing Right for You?

The one plane golf swing is a more simple motion that…

  • Produces more power and distance
  • You release the club at the bottom of the swing
  • Your club head naturally squares to the target for greater accuracy

With these advantages in mind, it’s no wonder many tour players have migrated to the one plane swing.

What about YOU?

Is the One Plane Golf Swing Right for Your Game?

Many amateur golfers swing on two planes, although this is changing. Using the traditional two plane swing may explain why so many amateurs find…

  • a lot of frustration and challenge in playing the game
  • there’s a perception that to play at a consistently high level takes hours and hours of practice
  • even the slightest tweak in the swing can be very difficult
  • they never really feel they are playing their best

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The one plane swing requires you to maintain greater forward tilt throughout the swing. For most golfers the spine angle is not a concern, but they are discouraged from trying to change their swing because some instructors suggest it will be a long and challenging process.

With the one plane swing, this is simply not the case. Using the right methodology and proper instruction, you can easily make changes to your swing and see measurable improvement within a short period of time.

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Who is Bryson Dechambeau?

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is an amateur golfer with an impressive record of phenomenal accomplishments. I think it’s fair to say he’s the best amateur in the world.

He’s only the fifth golfer in history to win the NCAA and US Amateur titles in the same year (after Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore)

Here’s a snapshot of DeChambeau’s playing history and game…

DeChambeau’s Mentors

DeChambeau’s instructor, Mike Schy. Says Bryson: “After a couple of years of guidance from Mike, we came up with a single-plane swing from The Golfing Machine that’s called a ‘zero shifting motion’ more technically. I picked a certain specific set of variations for my components and made my golf swing what it is today.”

Homer Kelley, creator of “The Golfing Machine” — the most widely used textbook on golf instruction in the world.

Moe Norman, a real-life golfing machine — the world’s greatest ball striker. He was able to repeat endless solid shots with his unorthodox yet highly-effective one plane swing. The eccentric Canadian pro provided DeChambeau with a precedent, if not a model for his own swing.

Is Bryson DeChambeau the Next Big Thing in Golf?

He may just be. There’s no question he’s the hottest young golfer to watch in 2016. His unconventional style, equipment and swing sets him apart, for sure. He’s fun to watch, he does things his own way and he has some fresh ideas that may just set the world of golf on a whole new path. Bryson DeChambeau is an impressive guy with plenty of talent, smarts and good looks. It’s going to fun watching him perform at The Masters and subsequently, most likely wet his feet in the pro circuit. I wish him the very best!