How to Capture a Golf Swing on Video

First… why using video is so efficient

Like most golfers, you have probably never seen a video of yourself swinging a golf club. You can only go by what you feel, but what you feel is probably not what you’re actually doing.

The camera doesn’t lie.

Seeing yourself on video provides vital feedback that shows you what’s actually happening when you swing a golf club.

The video footage shows you exactly what you’re doing… where your faults lie…  what you’re doing correctly… and this gives your instructor the ability to show you how to correct those faults so that you can learn to make a correct, powerful, consistent swing.


Which digital video camera is best for recording your golf swing?

Nearly any digital video camera will work to record your golf swing, including an iPhone or Android phone, but before you shoot your first swing video, there are a few things to consider …

  • Most cameras record at 30fps, which is fine for regular videos, but the golf swing happens very quickly, so a high frame rate of 120fps is especially helpful for capturing golf swing footage.
  • HD (high definition) video looks great, but you don’t need it for shooting a golf swing. It’s pricy and unless your camera is already equipped, it’s not necessary.
  • You need the ability to easily transfer the video you shoot to your computer so it can be uploaded to your instructor for analysis. This means the camera should record in a format such as AVI and on an SD card.
  • For tape-based and miniDV camcorders, they must be able to record digital video so you can transfer the video to your computer.

Sony Action CamI like the Sony Action Cam. It’s an excellent camera that is super simple to operate, records at 120fps, mounts easily on a tripod, it’s lightweight and compact, and it produces excellent quality video footage.

Keep this in mind… Whatever camera you use, we recommend using a digital camera with high speed video capability.

Note: We are experts in golf instruction, but we are not video experts. If you need advice in choosing your video camera, we suggest consulting one of the many online experts for this.

How to position the camera

To capture your swing video footage, you need to shoot from 2 angles…

  1. Down the Line
  2. Face-On

From each angle, your camera should be 12-15 feet from you, and sitting on a tripod for stability. Any movement of the camera during the recording will distort the video.

Here are a few tips for shooting from each of these angles…

Down the Line — To capture this angle, place the camera 12-15 feet behind you, pointing down your target line. The camera…

  • Should be placed behind you on your toe line
  • Should be placed at belt height
  • If you’re recording your swing with a phone, record it horizontally and not vertically

Face-On — To capture this angle, place the camera 12-15 feet in front of you, pointing at your chest, and the camera…

  • Needs to show the ball and the clubface
  • Should be exactly perpendicular to your chest
  • Should be placed at belt height
  • Needs to allow enough room in the camera view to show your club path throughout your whole swing

In addition to Down the Line and Face-On angles, you also need to capture a close-up of your grip. Face-On is the best angle to capture it and here’s how to do it…

  • While recording the Face-On angle, take your setup like you’re going to hit the ball, and then WITHOUT CHANGING your grip, slowly walk toward the camera.

How many swings do I capture?

You only need to capture 1 or 2 swings from the Face-On and Down the Line views using a Driver or 6 iron, plus a close up your grip is all we need to provide you with a comprehensive review and analysis of your golf swing.