How to Send a Golf Swing Video with the V1 Golf App for Android

Follow Steps 1-7 to send a golf swing video to Vanilla Gorilla Golf (VGGS) with the V1 Golf App for Android

Step 1 — Open V1 Golf for Android

Step 2 – Select the Menu on your device and choose Settings

Step 3 – Login or Select Join to create a new account

Step 4 – Select the Camera Icon from the main screen

Step 5 – Choose your Capture Method and Record

  • V1 Video Capture (Import)
  • Sony Action Cam

​Step 6 – Select Trim Now

  • Slide Handles to Trim and then Select the Scissor Icon to Cut
  • Review your Swing Video

​Step 7 – Select the V1 Logo

  • Choose Send
  • Select VGGS (this is your Academy)
  • Assign to Bobby Lewis (this is your Instructor)

​The video will upload to your selected Instructor (Bobby Lewis)